I'm not plastic,
I'm sillyco.
— more than a food storage
What exactly is silicone?
Silicone is generally a liquid or flexible rubber like plastic and has useful properties such as low toxicity and heat resistance.
What makes silicone better than plastic?
Silicone is durable and endlessly reusable. It stands up better against extreme temperature so they won’t brittle during usage and it won’t contaminate your food and the sea!
Is Sillyco BPA free?
Yes. Sillyco items are free from BPA, BPS, lead, latex, or phthalates.
How many times Sillyco can be used?
Thousand times and even more!
How do you recycle them?
We have contacted @waste4change and they are accepting items made from silicone.
Can you cook in a Sillybag?
Yes, Sillybag can be used for boiling, defrosting in microwave, oven baking, air fried, sous vide, and many more. Just make sure the temperature is not more than 230°C.
Can you store Sillybag in a freezer?
Yes, Sillybag can handle temperature as low as -40°C.
Can we write on sillybag?
You can write directly on your Silly bag, with a ballpoint pen or non-permanent board marker. It wipes off easily with a damp towel.
What are the volume of Sillybags?
Currently we have 330ml (Tiny me), 470ml (Petite frame), 900ml (Popular fit), and The Whale (1960ml)
Is Sillybag approved by TSA for flying with carry-on liquid?
Yes, we recommend you to use popular fit size with frosted color so airport security can see every items through your Sillybag.
Does food stain Sillybag?
Sometimes certain food can leave a stain during the cooking or storing process. We recommend you to use Sillybag according to your food (eg: Pumpkin Sillybag for boiling carrot). You can also reduce the chance of staining by immediately cleaning after use.
How to clean the bag?
You can clean them by hand and place it upside down on a drying rack.
Is Sillybag dishwasher safe?
Yes, Sillyco products are dishwasher safe.
How to remove stain & smell on Sillybag?
Try to mix a baking soda paste, vinegar, and water then apply to a discolored or smelly container. Let it sit for at least 15 minutes. Rinse and wash like usual.
Can I put Sillybag in a UV sterilizer?
Yes, UV sterilizer will kill the germs and will not change the shape or quality of Sillybag.
Shopping & Shipping
Can I purchase through your website?
Not for now but we are working on it. In the meantime, you can purchase our products through marketplace like Tokopedia and Shopee.
Where can I find Sillyco in brick & mortar store?
We will let you know if we manage to find a home for Sillyco products.
Is there any return policy?
We have 14 days return policy from purchase date. If there is any damage, shortage, wrong size & color, or defective merchandise please email to [email protected] and inform us with your name on order, receipt, and photo or video of the issue.
How long does it take for my order to arrive?
We will ship your order in 1-2 working days and you will get your order in 1-7 days, depends on the delivery service.
Do you ship internationally?
Please email to [email protected] with international shipping on the subject for international order.
Do you collaborate with social media influencers?
If you are interested to review our product, please send an email to [email protected] to discuss in more detail.